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What is your company’s HR technology stack?

Too Many

Your Business starts at the Core.

Reduce Chaos Reduce Chaos

Improve your business with Corizen.

What’s in it for your organization?

Intuitive Platform Features

Employee Self-Serve

Less work.

Empower employees to be self-managed, one portal to update their contact info, goals, etc.

Offers Management

Approved offer on the fly.

Customize and automate your offer approvals process.

Time and Attendance

View vacation balances.

View, track, and request time off. Automates the approval process.

Expense Management

Tracked expenses.

Viewing and approving expenses is a snap.

Performance Management

3 to choose from.

Track goals and progress. Visually see how your team is performing.

Workflow Approvals

Customize approvals.

Have a unique workflow? Define and customize your approval process.

Custom Roles & Privileges

Create custom role.

Assign permission-based modules to those that need it.

Responsive Design

Access from any device.

Employees are on the go. Access Corizen from anywhere any device.

Value for Stakeholders

HR Leaders
Overseeing HR or People Operations is not easy when processes are cumbersome and employees do not have the right tools.
  • Digitize your people operations

  • Save time with approvals processes

  • Improve employee’s productivity

  • Reduce multiple systems cost

  • Improve the company’s performance

  • Less administration for HR department

Scaling and growing a company for C-Level (CEO, CFO, COO) is much easier when you have valuable insights into how well your employees are functioning.
  • Productive employees

  • Efficient organization

  • Easy to scale for growth

  • Reduce technology expenses

  • Transparency into employees goals and performances

Manage your team with ease and see each staff’s goals and progresses. Approving expenses and vacation requests is a snap.
  • High performing team

  • Save time in administrative tasks

  • Data to help manage team effectively

  • Track goals and accomplish more

Employees are your most valuable asset, eliminate the hassles for them, and provide them the tools to be productive and successful.
  • Track your performance and progress

  • View feedback on your goals

  • Less time going through HR

  • Find vacation balances, expenses approval, etc. anytime

Automation improves productivity and creates a well-oiled machine.

Is it time to strengthen the core of your business?

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